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The Destructo Twins House of Wrasslin'

Red Hot Pussy Liquors

batty and bratfink's drunken alter egos
Everywhere you want to be
This is the place where Batty and Bratfink come to slur, ramble, bitch, party, talk shit etc. We don't give a damn about our bad reputations.
ab fab, absolutly fabulous, affairs, alcohol, attention, barfing, big dicks, booze, burping, chasing the dragon, cheap thrills, cheap trick, cheating, cigarettes, clockwork orange, cock rock, coke, courtney love, crystal, cum guzzling, dallas, dave gahan, david bowie, death to smoochy, deploying the finger, detroit rock city, dirty perverts, dirty sex, drinking, drugs, dudes, easy action, eat me sedgwick, edie sedgwick, egos, erections, ex boyfriends, faggots, fags, farting, fashion, femine hygene, francis farmer, free food, fuck the police, fucking, fugly peeps, gay men, getting off, getting our next fix, getting trashed, gin, gin and tonic, glam, glam rock, gold digging, gothic sluts, haggard men, haters, herione, horse, hot boys, hotties, humping, iggy pop, jagermister, janis joplin, jizz, joan jett, johnny thunders, kicking your ass, kiss, kissing, knights in satans service, liqour, live fast die pretty, london, ludes, lying, making fun of you, making out, marylin monroe, meth, methadone, mooching, mugging down, nancy spungeon, naughty men, needles, new orleans, new york dolls, no morals, nodding off, not working, nuttin up, oding, partying, pills, platform shoes, polygamy, pooping, pornography, punk rock, ralphing, rhoades, rock city morgue, rock n roll, rock n roll sucide, rocker dudes, rocking out, rockstars, sex, sex toys, shooting up, slutting, smack, snorting, social diseases, specs, stretch fucking jeans, sucking cock, sugar daddies, t-rex, the sex pistols, throwing up, tight leather pants, trashing hotel rooms, trojans, ultraviolence, valet parking, velvet goldmine, wine, x