batty and bratfink's drunken alter egos (realwildones) wrote,
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Tomorrow I go to new orleans to do smack.


yep. productive weekend I'd say.

Classy too.

Another day in the rock n roll circus.
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Tomorrow I go to suburbia to watch hockey with chachie assholes. Guess which one of us is the winner? Cuz it ain't me.
Where do you live? My oldest, dearest friend is moving to canada and I'm going with him to help him unpack in July. It would be fun to meet you after all this time! Let me know.
HOLY CRAP! It had better be Vancouver, BC or the surrounding area. The rest of Canada sucks arse, so if he is moving elsewhere tell him NOOOO!!!! Anythig east of the Rocky Mountains is shit, anything west is the shit.

Okay, this is gonna sound totally queer, but when I think about winning the lottery, I think, I could go to Texas and meet Kelly!

Please excuse my spelling I'm drunk.


April 19 2003, 01:05:03 UTC 15 years ago

hey you!

Yes, YOU!

Can I have some pussy? Please?


April 11 2003, 21:46:56 UTC 15 years ago

Before you go, or when you get back, can I get some motherfuckin pussy or what?

Pleeeeeze, I'm dying here!