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No Fun, and New Fun

So Dallas sucked hairy dripping dog wangs this weekend.


Tard discovered something new and fun for us to entertain ourselves with on roadtrips.

I am dubbing it the "Bathroom Agony" game.

Tard and I went into a public restroom and while I pretended to wonder if she was okay..she went into a stall and started to make HEINOUSLY loud fart and bodily function sounds, moaning and crying the whole time. So many ladies stopped by the stall to ask if she was okay, and then there were the people trying not to laugh in the stalls around her whenever she made farting noises. It was SO amusing to witness. We tried to both go in a stall and do this on the way home but got thwarted by there being too many people waiting to use the bathroom. We had barely gotten a moan and a popping noise out when we realized that you have to do this in a larger public restroom than just one with two stalls. Oh well..we will make lewd sounds in a public restroom again soon. We have to work out a banter between the two of us to spring on the unknowing public. It's gonna have something to do with talking back and forth about taking too many laxtives and/or having explosive diarrhea from fast food poisoning.
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